Website Pricing

We have put together a cost calculator which allows you to configure your site based on your project needs and budget. This process enables us to better understand what you’re looking for and gives you an indication of the cost. This is the first step in our process and is purely for laying down the initial outline of your site. This is then followed with a Free consultation where we will go over your requirements in more details and we can give you our advice and feedback on the best solution.

We have broke it down into 3 simple steps, Step 1 pick which type of site you are looking for. You do this by selecting the base option under one of the purple headings. Once selected you can pick the number of additional pages you would like to add, if you just want the base amount you can move to step 2. Step 2 “Bolt-Ons” Lets you pick from a list of additional features. If you don’t want any Bolt-Ons simply miss this section & move to Step 3. Stage 3 is where you can add additional details or ask us some questions then send fire it over for us to have a look.

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Step 1

Site Type

Pick the site type that you would like then select the numbers of pages & products (if required)

Step 2

Bolt Ons

Lets getting bolting, pick any additional features or services that you would like to add to your site to make it awesome!

Step 3

Fire It Over

Once you’ve configured your dream site it’s time to give us a peek, submit the form, sit back & Relax!


Coffee Time

Once we’ve had a look, we’ll give you a call to have a chat about your requirments and answer any question you may have.

Static Website

A static website contains Web pages with fixed content and layout. Each page is coded in HTML & CSS and displays the same information to every visitor.
Base Site (4 pages) (£299)
Responsive Site

A website which automatically resize to the device the user is viewing the site on. The site adjust’s it’s layout and content depending on the screen size. Psssst this site is responsive … Cool aint it!!
Base Site (4 pages) (£550)
eCommerce Site

A site which has all the selling and account management features of the big online retail sites. An ecommerce site is designed to manage lots of products, customer accounts, order details etc all in site. Ecommerce sites have login areas where you can view reports on sales and where customers can managed their details and their recent orders.
Base Site (4 pages) (£850)
Dynamic Single Page Site

A dynamic single page site displays all the content on one interative page. Navigation headers scroll the page up and down landing you on the desired section.
Dynamic Single Page Site (£500)

We have put together a list of bolt-ons that can be added to your chosen site. Note: The Simple Shop bolt-on is only available on static, responsive & dynamic sites.
Url Keyword search & Optimisation (£50)
This helps optimize your site by identifying Keywords your target audience are searching for and adding them to your site.
SEO & Site Submissions (£150)
Your website will be optimized for best search results and it will be submitted to online directories.
Google Analytics Setup / Install (£30)
Google Analytics lets you find out valuable information about the performance of your site such as; number of visitors, page views, time on site, popular pages, most used search terms and much more
CMS (Content Management System) (£150)
This will allow you to make changes online without requiring our services.
Simple Shop (per 10 products) (£150)
Great for sellin a couple of products. It runs using paypal and Transaction & Order details are handled off site - no record is kept on the site
Social Media Setup & Styling (£80)
They say a picture speaks a thousand words so what not add a gallery of them!! The gallery will display all your images and will let the user click to expand and scroll through them.
We will setup your social media accounts (twitter, facebook, youtube, pintrest, linkedin, google plus) with all your details, images and links. We will also custom design headers and profile pics.
Social Media Feeds (£30)
This will add feeds from facebook and twitter onto your site.
Image Gallery (per 10 images) (£30)
Blog Setup & Install (£120)
All Done? ... Send it over

Now that you have configured your ultimate website its time to send it over, dont worry this is just to give you and idea of price and features, and it gives us an idea of what you are looking for. We always discuss the site requirments in detail before every project to ensure you get exactly what you want.
* Required
Wow very impressive those were some awesome choices!

Static WebsiteSimple Starter

from £299

Base PackageA static website contains Web pages with fixed content and layout.


Base Site includes 4 pages

Responsive SiteMost Popular

from £550

Base PackageAutomatically resize to the device the user is viewing the site on. Great on Mobile Devices.


Base Site includes 4 pages

eCommerce SiteGet Selling!!

from £950

Base PackageA site which has all the selling and account management features of the big online retail sites.


Base Site includes 4 Pages